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Mary Franke is a certified Intuitive Reiki Master, Biofield Tuning Practitioner, and Attunement Specialist.

Intuitive energy balancing, chakra clearing and sound healing.

Stress relief, Energy Tuning, Fertility support for families, Tuning the Human Biofield. Co-creating with her clients to find their unique healing path and uncover suppressed emotional blocks at their root.

Corporate Wellness Visits


Regularly visiting the Pinterest Corporate office in NYC to conduct a full day of reiki sessions with employees. Visit

Biofield Tuning Sound Therapy



Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy method that uses the biofeedback from tuning forks that helps the body to relax. Tuning forks are used on and around the body to locate and release areas of tension, resulting in an immediate and often profound sense of relief. When our bodies are in tune and in natural rhythm, we enter a state of balance and flow.

My Path to Reiki


The times you're willing to try anything!


Starting a family did not come easy for my husband and me. We struggled with infertility and underwent years of "trying everything." I'm pretty sure that the act of seeing 100 negative pregnancy tests, (when your top priority is having children) leaves a trace of emotional damage. To this day the mere sight of them makes my heart sink! So our doctors referred us to a leading IVF center and we went on to complete 4 separate IVF cycles.

After the crushing news of our first In Vitro Fertilization cycle's failure, a nurse at the MGH Fertility center suggested supplementing an alternative healing to balance my mind and my energy body through this next trial.  Unfortunetely, worry, fear, and heartache tends to join us on the fertility journey. Trust me, these create blocks in our bodies! 

So I found a Reiki practitioner and incorporated Reiki healings into my treatment, and then we had TWO HEALTHY PREGNANCIES. The miracle of IVF was the physical component that gave us our daughters, but I know in my heart that for me, I needed to dissolve the fear and anxiety of never having children before my body would allow the creation. Reiki was the energetic component that was of equal value to the success. Inside, I had been an energetic mess without even knowing it! 

If you feel drawn to Reiki


Trust your intuition! If there's a piece of you desiring a shift, if you're missing something,

if you feel a block to your path, if you'd like to experience change... There is no wrong answer for engaging reiki.

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