Norwell, MA 02061

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South Shore Reiki              ~Reiki Method~

reiki and biofield tuning



The Reiki studio was created with the intention of providing a comfortable and calming environment for visitors.  The space has been specially attuned to help clear your energy fields upon before your session. 

Before You Arrive 

There is no need to prepare yourself for a Reiki treatment.  However, it is advisable to drink lots of water prior to your session and wear comfortable clothing.  

 You will leave feeling as though you went through an "Energy Car Wash." For me, giving Reiki is just as beneficial and enjoyable as receiving it. Each treatment is a unique and energetic journey. A mini reiki reading is included with each session. In addition to our physical body, we are made up of an energy body. Imbalanced chakras will impact our lives in various ways.  Reiki can restore our health and balance.  


The studio is located in Norwell, MA.  Please contact us for specific directions